How to Hire a DJ in Indianapolis

This maybe the first time you are hiring a DJ, most people don't have alot of experience when hiring an DJ. So, the question is, how do we know we are getting a good DJ? First, not all DJ's are the same. Some DJ's just sit in there chair and play each song from their phone with a delay between songs. That's not a DJ.
At Indy Wedding DJs, we are 100% real DJ's. Playing from song to song with a seamless mix. We cross from genre to genre so perfectly your guest will be dancing all night long, not wanting to leave the dance floor. It's not uncommon for guests to yell..One more song!!

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Indianapolis Wedding DJs

Indy Wedding DJs: Professional means Always having a backup plan.

Your DJ WILL arrive & check in at least 2 hours prior to the first guest.

Backup equipment is carried with us at all times.  We don't leave you hanging because we know there are no do-overs.

Once a sound check is complete, background music is started, so that there will never be "dead air."

Ceremony Sound: Microphone for the minister.
Indy Wedding DJs always recommends amplified sound for your wedding.  Our premium lavalier microphone is placed on the officiants lapel and can barely be seen. No need for your officiant to shout, all your guests will hear your vows and be a special part of your ceremony. When required, (for LARGE weddings and especially outdoors) the bride and the groom will be fitted with similar microphones so that nothing is missed, even in the back row!

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