Top 5 Things to know about your Wedding Reception DJ

We have compiled a list of the top 5 things you need to know about your wedding reception dj entertainer.  

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5:  What experience do you have with weddings?    This DOES make a difference.  This should probably be number one, because the experience is what counts the most.  If your DJ primarily does kids parties or works in a club, then they have no idea of the dynamics of a great wedding reception.  A DJ with experience will know the timelines, the music, and the ways to make the guests stay VOLUNTARILY while having the best time of their lives! 

4:  Do you have INSURANCE?  Just about everyone does, but what about that "friend of my cousin" or the "craigslist DJ"?  What if their cheap equipment fails, catches fire, or falls on someone?  Guess who ends up being responsible: YOU.  A true professional will have insurance to cover any accident or problem that may come up.  Don't chance it.
3:  What kind of music will you play?  Seems like a no-brainer, but its really a concern.  Do you have music you ripped off from youtube or itunes?  The quality of the music as well as the content of the lyrics varies from source to source.  A DJ that makes money from events will have a legal subscription to at least one or more "record pools."  These record pools supply DJs and Radio stations with high quality music with family friendly lyrics.  Not only does the DJ need to  have the music, he must have the music YOU WANT!

2:  How will you handle our reception?   What a professional DJ does is not only play music, but keep the flow of the reception going.  It's up to the DJ to know when it's time to cut the cake, do the special dances, and get the party started!  The way a true professional will do this also depends on what they get from you.  You should be given control from the begining.  You should have access to planning paperwork or website, music requests, timeline guides and more to guide your DJ in the mission of making your reception the best it can be. 

1:  Will you show up?   They say that getting there is half the battle, that's why I saved it for number one.  How many times have you heard of someone getting a great deal on a DJ, a friend, or a craigslist ad, or a thumbtack dj, to have it come down to the last minute and then skip out or not return calls or messages.   Will they show up?  Now what?   You want to hire a professional DJ, someone who depends on your business more than you depend on them being there, and that's a lot!  A DJ who's been in the business for years, with a proven track record, with references, with a written contract, and absolutely WILL SHOW UP for your special day.  There are no do-overs when it comes to your wedding and reception.  

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